Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK)

Turn any passenger vehicle in an autonomous vehicle in less than a day's time.

Instant Autonomy - Any Vehicle

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The Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK) is hardware and software kit that can be quickly installed into any commercial passenger vehicle to give it autonomous drive capability. In just a few hours time, trained personnel can install the DAK into anything from a small compact car to a large SUV. The vehicle is then ready to be autonomously driven using the core hardware and software components that come with the kit.

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Rapid Retrofit - Extensible Autonomy

The DAK's E-Box can be dropped into the trunk or back seat of a car where the extensible onboard control software is embodied. With GPS antennas mounted on the roof and our basic user interface for mapping routes, you'll be ready to autonomously drive a vehicle before the end of the day.

Based on Perrone Robotics' MAX software platform, the DAK is extensible to be able leverage MAX-based integrations with a wide range of sensors and full-stack Level 4/5 autonomous drive capabilities.

Remove without Damage - Retain Manual Drive


When you're done for the day or week, you can remove the DAK from one vehicle and install it into your next vehicle of choice. The "bolt-less" DAK is designed to truly "drop-in" and not incur damage to the vehicles in which it is installed.

Furthermore, the DAK does not interfere with the ability of a safety test driver to sit in the driver's seat and take over control of the vehicle anytime.


Core DAK Packages Starting at: $149,000.
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Q: Does this kit come with an e-stop button?

A: We supply an emergency stop capability that lets the driver terminate power to the motors and take control of the vehicle.  We also separately provide our Remote Safety Control Unit (RSCU) for remote and handheld e-stop functions such as enable or disable, controlled pause or resume, and switching between manual and autonomous mode.

Q: Are the actuators calibrated once installed?

A: We provide a simple software utility that helps automatically calibrate the brake, accelerator, and steering once they are installed, along with the documentation to use it.  The actuators will normalize their range to the limits of the system.

Q: Does the DAK work with both left- and right-hand-drives?

A: Yes

Q: Does the accelerator and brake work with any width between the two?

A: Yes

Q: Does the DAK worth with convertibles?

A: The DAK needs a solid roof point for the reaction stand to brace itself against, which may not work for some convertibles.  However, if the DAK is not acceptable, the Bolt-in Actuator Kit (BAK) is a solution with a permanent connection to the steering column that does not require a reaction stand.  Although the BAK is not as obvious as the DAK and does not need the roof point, it is more difficult to install and may require custom work.