Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK)

Turn any passenger vehicle in an autonomous vehicle in less than a day's time.

Instant Autonomy - Any Vehicle

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The Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK) is hardware and software kit that can be quickly installed into any commercial passenger vehicle to give it autonomous drive capability. In just a few hours time, trained personnel can install the DAK into anything from a small compact car to a large SUV. The vehicle is then ready to be autonomously driven using the core hardware and software components that come with the kit.

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Rapid Retrofit - Extensible Autonomy

The DAK's E-Box can be dropped into the trunk or back seat of a car where the extensible onboard control software is embodied. With GPS antennas mounted on the roof and our basic user interface for mapping routes, you'll be ready to autonomously drive a vehicle before the end of the day.

Based on Perrone Robotics' MAX software platform, the DAK is extensible to be able leverage MAX-based integrations with a wide range of sensors and full-stack Level 4/5 autonomous drive capabilities.

Remove without Damage - Retain Manual Drive


When you're done for the day or week, you can remove the DAK from one vehicle and install it into your next vehicle of choice. The "bolt-less" DAK is designed to truly "drop-in" and not incur damage to the vehicles in which it is installed.

Furthermore, the DAK does not interfere with the ability of a safety test driver to sit in the driver's seat and take over control of the vehicle anytime.


Core DAK Packages Starting at: $149,000.
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